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This is the story before 1492! Have you ever wondered about one of the earliest voyages to the Americas? Buckle in and join the journey as Camelia discovers King Abubakari of the Mali Empire who led 2,000 boats across the roaring sea in 1311! The crew ventures to the other side of the world to meet the original inhabitants of the Americas!


Swords, shields, and chivalry! Jump into action with Camelia as she joins the very first Samurai of African origin, Yasuke, in 16th century Japan. Discover Yasufe fighting shoulder to shoulder with Kyoto's most powerful warlord, Nobunaga, as he faces some of the greatest wars and challenges far, far away from the Motherland.


Knowledge is power!  After being bullied at school for her cornrows, Camelia is on a mission to enlighten others on the brilliance behind her braids. She's taking her classmates back into the past where braids were worn by royalty and served as a pathway to freedom! Come free your mind and join Camelia in learning how powerful our differences are.




Sakari Milan is the creator of the new children's literature series, The Tales of Camelia B., starring an adventurous and curious 10-year-old African-American girl. The book series follows Camelia and her friends as they travel through time exploring unknown and hidden truths in black history and the African diaspora. Young readers will enjoy many fun-filled adventures as they join her in discovering and learning about the past. The Tales of Camelia B. serves to have a multifaceted impact on children by affording them a new perspective on history and expanding their minds beyond the limits imposed on them traditionally. It is intended to be a gateway to shaking up the roots of the American educational system by illuminating the footsteps and milestones of those who came before. The series will describe true events as they occurred and leave no stone unturned. Camelia B., the series’ star character, is driven by her curious nature to understand her ancestral path and is often found challenging the status quo.

Hi, I'm Camelia!

I'm an adventurous and curious 🔎African-American 10-year old girl on a quest to explore my ancestral path 👣 and discover who I really am! You can discover your greatness too! 🧬 

Come join me and my friends on a fun-filled adventure as we travel through time 🌀 exploring, discovering, and learning 💡about our heritage. 

We'll uncover hidden truths about so many great leaders whose stories have yet to be told! Look forward to journeying across the sea with the roaring Sea Surfers 🌊, fighting battles with the first and only epic Afro-Samurai 🏯, and trekking the highest mountains with the fearless Arctic Explorer 🏔️, and many, many more! 

Grab your gear & let's go!



Camelia is the sweetest, confident, and bold 10 year-old you’ll ever meet.  She is curious and eager to learn about the unknown, constantly questioning “how?” and “why?”. Camelia is a leader, always leading others into the unknown for the sake of enlightenment. She is a thinker who loves to challenge the status quo; Camelia never settles for common narratives or what’s trendy, constantly yearning to learn things for herself. 


Eli is Camelia's 8 year-old little brother. He is eccentric, quirky, extremely clever. He is constantly problem-solving and characterized by his loner nature in which you won’t find him with friends but rather with his “partner in crime”, Grits. Eli's cape symbolizes heroism and the never ending quest to save the day! He is always up for an adventure with Camelia and overall carries a mighty spirit and heart.


Manny is Camelia's best friend. He is smooth and super hip with always something cleverly funny to say. Overall, he is a loyal and consistent friend.  Manny’s greatest strength is his intelligence, he knows everything about history from the books but finds himself learning about a whole new world and even himself by time traveling with Camelia. 


Izzie is Camelia's best friend. She is a nonconformist who goes to the beat of her own drum. Her greatest characteristic is her constant advocacy for peace, love, and unity. Izzie is characterized by going against the grain like a rebel. She is risky, fearless, adventurous, and a daredevil, always willing to jump in the line of fire. 


Grits is not your average pup! He is the Brown's fun, white, shaggy four-legged friend who is always glued to Eli’s side. He even sometimes wears a red cape just like Eli, which emphasizes the inseparable relationship between the two. Grits always seems to find unexpected ways to help out, demonstrating his loyal nature. He shows affection by big, sloppy kisses and loves “high-fives” and bananas after a job well done.  




Mrs. Kiki Brown is Camelia’s mother who plays a very important role: the first black woman to be Mayor of the town. She is well-respected and heavily involved in politics. She represents possibility, achievement, and success. She is fierce and bold, always pushing the children to be leaders in society. She can often be seen as the “teacher mom" in which even Camelia’s friends come to her for guidance. 


Mr. Otto Brown is Camellia’s father who is known as the jack of all trades. He’s a stay at home dad who wears multiple hats in the family all while running his own baking business, “Otto's Sweet Tastin’ Pies”. Otto can always be found in the kitchen in his baking apron and mittens whistling sweet songs. He is an inspirational and motivational father who demonstrates that daddies can do many things: love, nurture, and bake!


Mrs. Shirley is Camelia’s 5th-grade teacher.  She embodies a very sweet, gentle, and modest nature yet has very hilarious, clumsy habits. In the classroom, she is a by-the-book educator but she welcomes Camelia’s insight and appreciates her desire to learn beyond the books. 

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