Sakari Milan is an alumna of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who studied Global Studies and Public Policy. She graduated in May 2020 during a tumultuous time in history — the COVID-19 pandemic and the continual, widespread racial injustice. While in solitude, Sakari was able to complete her first literary works and introduce them to the world. She was inspired to write The Tales of Camelia B. due to the lack of black representation in her studies throughout her crucial developmental ages and beyond. She is valiant in her efforts to awaken “the system” and rewrite history. Milan enjoys writing sweet, fun, action-packed poignant children’s stories that teach, impact and uplift each reader. Her characters are clever, fearless, adventurous seekers of the truth. As a new author during a crucial moment in history where racism and division is prevailing, she hopes that "The Tales of Camelia B. will encourage our youth to claim the identities and cultural legacies that shape who they are.” She acknowledges inequality is deeply entrenched into the “system” but believes education is the key. She says, “knowing the past, opens the door to the future and every school in America should have The Tales of Camelia B. for learning”. Milan understands that she will face challenges uncovering the HIDDEN TRUTHS in history, although often times uncomfortable to hear, she believes it is necessary for change.